Our Goal

The VEGAN HILLS team is devoted to a mission of offering delicious, healthy, fresh, natural, and non-GMO vegan meals. Also, our vegan dishes use mostly organic as well as local ingredients. Our goal is to prepare nutritious vegan meals for the discriminating connoisseur with higher taste. Moreover, our aim is to prepare an international menu that offers the very best in various Asian and Western styles of gourmet vegan cooking. Our team members enthusiastically prepare all meals to fill your hearts and souls with joy. We have opened up VEGAN HILLS to create a relaxing place where individuals, friends, groups and families can meet to enjoy a wonderful vegan meal together in a warm, happy, and peaceful atmosphere. While practicing the vegan lifestyle, let us cultivate loving-kindness and gratitude for everything we receive from all living beings.




Our Philosophy

Our VEGAN HILLS philosophy holds that the vegan lifestyle is the most beneficial for promoting health, vitality and well being for the body, mind and spirit. Veganism is a “karma-free” ethical way of life based on a moral attitude of nonviolence, kindness and compassion for all living beings in nature and therefore fully supports animal rights. The ethics of the vegan lifestyle maintains that one should minimize suffering and maximize happiness for all animals, both human and nonhuman. Also, our team is dedicated to an ecological viewpoint that aims to protect nature, the environment, and “Gaia” the Earth Goddess of our living planet, while promoting a green sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, our VEGAN HILLS aesthetics says that meals should be healthy as well as have an artistic presentation that is stylish, elegant and beautiful, thereby to delight all the senses of taste, scent, sight, sound and touch. The Zen “minimalist” aesthetic of our food and atmosphere is inspired by the Japanese Wabi-Sabi taste that appreciates the graceful beauty of simplicity, frugality and naturalness.




Our Spiritual Vision

The VEGAN HILLS team also shares a spiritual vision based on an multi-cultural synthesis of different styles of vegan cooking methods that have developed in various religious traditions, including Ayurveda, Yoga diet, Macrobiotics, Zen “Shojin Ryôri” temple recipes, Buddhist vegetarian cooking, and Daoist oriental medicine based on energy flow with Yin/Yang balance, as well as the Raw diet and other Western styles of vegan cuisine. We follow those spiritual traditions that avoid all onions and garlic, thereby to bring out the fresh original flavors of our vegetables and other natural ingredients. Through the magical alchemy of our cooking we strive to transform our vegan meals into what Yoga and Ayurveda medicine call Amrita, an ambrosial nectar that will give you a taste of Nirvana — inner Peace, Light and Bliss!





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