eat pure feel beauty

VEGAN HILLS is Honolulu’s premier vegan restaurant.

Featuring 100% gourmet, plant-based meals that cleanse and energize the body, mind and soul.  The aesthetic of our cuisine, decor and atmosphere is the art of minimalism inspired by Zen 'wabi' as the beauty of elegant simplicity.

Allow VEGAN HILLS to elevate your senses to enjoy a higher taste with earth friendly, cruelty-free dining, perfect for any and every occasion.


VEGAN HILLS shares the pure feeling of beauty through a multi-cultural synthesis of different styles of vegan cooking methods, including Ayurveda, Yoga, Zen “Shojin Ryori”, Buddhist, and Western styles.

We follow those spiritual traditions that avoid all onions and garlic, thereby to bring out the fresh original flavors of our vegetables and other natural ingredients.


VEGAN HILLS creates worldwide cuisine, such as Japanese, Indian, Singapore, Mexican, Italian, and more.

VEGAN HILLS will take you on a journey to taste the cultures, countries and cuisines of the world.




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